1st Good Night Sms Messages For 2017

  • My day starts with you
    The evening starts with you
    My sun sets with you
    I would like to end my day with you
    Sleep tight the first night of 2017
  • Here it goes a lovely message
    To a lovely person
    From a lovelier friend
    To end the lovely day
    With a lovely smile
    Have a lovely first night of 2017
    Good Night…
  • So, the new book of your life just started
    With 365 pages, and 12 chapters
    I hope you filled the first page
    With lots of fun, feast and joy
    Happy first day of 2017
  • Close your eyes,
    Peace in your mind
    Pray to god
    And hope for the best
    Have a lovely sleep
    Wish you a Good first Night 2016
  • The sweet first day
    Of the New Year is ending now
    Enjoy the memorable moments,
    To ease your mind
    Sweet dreams
    Happy first Good Night 2017!
  • Like a burning candle
    In the dark
    May the light fill your heart
    With love, happiness and success
    And keep you safe
    Wish you a happy first Good Night 2017!

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