2017 First Good Morning Sms Wishes

  • Wake up everyone, the New Year is here
    Let’s welcome it with full gear
    The clock is ticking, and no time to waste
    So let’s toast to the morning of New Year
    Happy first morning of 2017!
    7. Welcome the first morning
    Of this New Year
    With a smile on your lips
    Hope in your Heart
    Peace in your mind
    ‘Wish you a Lovely first Morning 2017″
  • The first morning of 2017 is here
    Start to enjoy the little things in life
    Spread the happiness, make the world smile
    For one day you’ll realise the importance of little things.
    Have a marvellous first morning 2017
  • Spin a web of joy in your heart,
    Let us paint a smile on your face,
    Clear all the doubts & fear in your mind
    And embrace the god’s gift of New Year
    Have a wonderful first morning 2017
  • Everyone has trough and ridges
    But every year, I start off new
    With a good spirit in my mind,
    Saying that, ‘It’s going to be a good year
    May you have a blessed 2017
  • Feel the freshness
    Feel the sunrise
    Feel the happiness of the New Year
    Happy first morning of 2017
  • Everybody is looking for something,
    some of them wants to use you,
    some of them want to get used by you
    limit the negativity to unlimited your happiness and peace of mind

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