4 Lines New Year Sms 2017

  • Wishing you New Year my dear.
    I wish that Allah gives you,
    A great deal of joy, A great deal of bliss.
    A great deal of fun, A great deal grins
    What’s more, make your long lasting.
  • We traveled together a few steps,
    but then time came to part with memories
    for a life time to cherish
    have a remembering year
  • no matter what!!
    We love each other
    And the end of the day
    We belong to each other
    p.s : Happy new year
  • Life is just like a swing.
    Sometimes its goes up
    sometimes it comes down.
    All you have to enjoy the momentum
    of rising up and coming back to the ground.
    Have a nice year ahead
  • Nothing is more beautiful then
    to waft on the wings of your dreams.
    May all your dreams come true and make your life vibrant
    And all your dreams come true in coming year
  • Its the metaphysical journey
    you walk spiritually,
    you stand hypothetically,
    you decide unconventionally
    but the marks of theses unconscious spirit reflects on your soul and
    rise you to the level where the gate way to pacification open’s.
    Leaving silence of tears
    Forget past live in present to see future
    Have a spiritual year 2017

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