New Year Greetings For Life Partner 2017

Every one dream of a perfect life partner but not very one is that lucky. But I can say that I am among those who are lucky. Thanks to Allah I have you. My Wishes are fulfilled. Thanks you also. Wish you a very happy New Year. we may not be perfect for each other But we are imperfect ones to make our life perfect Continue reading

New Year Greetings For Principal 2017

It is useless in future to cry on your past because than you can’t do anything. So work hard from today to enjoy tomorrow. This was the advice of my principle which changed my life thoroughly. Happy New Year. When I was student I have class teachers After College have new one I didn’t want to go away Because it was strange Happy new year Continue reading

New Year Sms For Special Friend 2017

Sometimes on the way to your DREAM you get LOST and find a better one don’t leave me please happy new year 2017 I didn’t hide anything from you You failed to see in my self life only come once It’s a lie Life always came to meet us Only death came to us once you are the one Which you are in yourself When Continue reading

Lovely Happy New Year Sms 2017

thanks for standing beside me When time shows its hardships And Make me smile when I even don’t want to smile Happy New Year 2017 friendship is being equally match Friendship is sharing books Friendship is a photo of us on refrigerate Friendship is helping you through your tears Friendship is playing like kids Happy new year my friend I promise I ll always stand Continue reading

Inspirational New Year 2017 Wishes Sms

Forget them to whom u never forgive Forgive them whom not to be forgotten Happy New Year 2017 Some Of memories must be memorised Some of our talks must be memorised May be we ll not be together for whole life But Remember those moment when we was best friend It Its my Power I have spent one more year without you I even could Continue reading

New Year Quotes For Friend 2017

New Year produce confidence to meet any problem in life. Because a person who worried with his past forget all those problem which he had done in his past. So wish to them very Happy New Year. today all previous accounts will be closed And new will be opened Which make changes and some more people in life new diary of happy new year is Continue reading

New Year Quotes in English 2017

new year came to us With an optimistic thinking To remove pessimistic one world has too much greed In future magnet should be known as Synonym of money But we are friends from year And for years Happy new year always learn to do compromise Because after bowing you got things Instead of breaking you Happy new year 2017 life give two opportunities ahead Change Continue reading