Republic Day Messages 2016

The luxury of freedom is not enjoyed by all. Let’s thank the Lord for our freedom and love our country. Happy republic day. Today, I thank God once again for the freedom I have to breathe, to walk, to talk and to all other things many don’t have the privilege to do. Independence is the best gift from Allah. May this gift remain with us Continue reading

Republic Day Facebook Status

I love India because its my country, its my home , my every thing is here so happy republic day my dear all. my country is like a sun for the whole world, my country is my love my all dear friends Happy republic day. India have many beautiful landscape, different culture is here different people is here but nation is one yes Indian My Continue reading

26 January Republic Day India Greetings

you are still sleeping its not good buddy awake up because this is a time of celebration happy this day India is a rich country of the world because India Have 28 states,1619 languages almost 6400 Castes and 29 major festivals this is India today is time to salute all those people and leader those are fight for us a big Salute all of you Indian Continue reading