Cool New Year Sms Texts 2016

  • Last year didn’t turn out the way
    I wanted so ill look forward to turn
    this year around hopefully.
    Happy New Year 2016
  • Twice a year I get to celebrate new year.
    Once at the years end and the other when
    I grow a year older. :) Happy New Year
  • Every year slips by so quickly that it
    reminds me how old I’m growing and how quickly
    life will slip by too. So live each day as if its your last.
    Happy New Year 2016
  • Wish this new year be filled with lots
    of good people because previous you had
    one too many bad people around.
  • What is 2+0= 2 , 0+0=0 , 0+1=1, 1+4=5
    which calculates to 2015!
    Happy 2015 everyone.

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