December and New Year Sms 2017

  • It might be a custom in future
    But its interesting
    Let’s make a revolution
    Which bring brightness
    for future generation
    Happy New Year 2017
  • Its difficult to forget precious time
    Which passed in 2016
    But can’t live in past
    Make a new start Start!!!
    Yeah start of happiness
    Start of new ambitions
    Start of freedom
    And things a lot
  • 8.tick rock!!!
    Tick tock!!!
    On the clock,
    What’s behind the big rock
    Will it be a big surprise
    Or just a boring night
    Let’s wait up
    Make people wake up
    Its a big day
    Waiting for us
    Or waiting by us
    Its a big deal
    Its happy New eve.
    Happy New Year 2017
  • Happy happy happy!!!
    What happy?
    Some one’s name?
    Or a good news?
    Let me think
    What gonna be happen..
    Its something interesting Or
    Something awful
    multiple feelings are here gather
    Sorrow of previous one’s leaving
    Happiness of news one’s coming
    Happy new year
  • There are four seasons
    There are 12 months
    There are many reasons
    There are many Suns
    Here’s a big day
    Which will be a new day
    Every morning will be new
    which reminds me few’s
    Which reminds me dear ones
    Which I take from God
    And which I lost
    This feeling comes again
    which make me eye rain
    but there’s a hope
    For next one
    Which will again create a bun
    Happy New Year 2017
  • I remember the last night of the December.
    It was really beautiful raining outside.
    Now it the New Morning of the first day
    of New year. So I wish that we started our new
    life with new aim. Wish you very Happy New year
    with sweet Morning.

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