Decent Happy New Year Sms Wishes

  • In previous years
    He cried and said me I hate you
    If he hates me then why he was crying
    This ll be mine 2017’s resolution
  • I wish to you and your family joyous new year
    May god brings peace prosperity and love on this occasion
  • Between intelligent and respectful people relation of
    Friends are more valuable then blood’s
    So be my friends in next 365 days
  • To being helpful is very expensive gift
    Don’t expect it from everyone one
    Very few people are rich by heart
    Be helpful in 2017
  • Graveyard are full by those one who never thought
    That world could be run without them so dot take tension
    Of this world just made celebrations
  • Don’t cry on what you have lost always be thankful what you have got. Happy New Year.

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