Fresh Happy New Year Sms 2017

  • With a friend like you,
    Everything is so much fun to work on
    Wish you a very happy New year
    With prayers of more success and the time to come
  • May you be gifted as life’s biggest which never be ended
    After all you are a gift to us
    So you deserve the best
  • Warm wishes for the new year With the hope
    More coming on may you have blessed year
  • A small toast on new year
    Specially for you Because
    You mean everything for me
  • Don’t forget my little note of wishes
    With full of love
    Which wishes you a good luck And
    Tell you how my love grow for you everyday
    Happy new year 2017
  • Count not the blessing
    Just see how benefits to you
    Count not the year but Life you live
    May you have awesome year
  • For special friend I am here to wish you a
    very Happy New year. With a lot of love
    these are only for special one which has
    much importance in my life.

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