Funny New Year Jokes 2016

  • two friends(characters)
    First to fat other friend:
    lets make new resolution of getting
    For new year! :-)
    Other friend said:just shut up!
    I m the best in way I am no need of
    This type resolution.
  • People make new resolution
    1st January I have left drinking
    2nd January I have left smoking
    And after 10 days I m going to
    Start therapy
    And after 10 days met to that friend
    In-front of him commitment done,
    Hey u said to leave these thing
    Buddy let leave it for next year’s resolutions
    That time I was in frolic…
  • a cat’s resolution
    Option A: to loose weight
    Option B:to buy a bigger
  • Monkey talks
    This year its my complete resolution
    To quit Bananas from my life :p
  • Girls resolution was to loses he
    weight in new year
    But lost some where her motivation
    To loosing her weight
  • mom to son: happy new year son
    Son: shocked alas
    But I have not finished yet with last one
  • Father to a boy: I don’t want to see
    My daughter with a donkey for all life
    Boy: that’s why I want to get marry with her this year
    for next new year’s celebrations

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