Good Bye 2016, Welcome 2017 Sms

  • A brand new year Is knocking at door
    And an memory full year is going to be end
    Let’s say good bye with smile
    Let’s say hello with cheers
    Hello 2017
  • Let’s say goodbye to oldies but good
    Things will be remain with us.
    Tomorrow is not bad it’s seems to be
  • all old days are not good and not bad
    As well
    But tomorrow could be good better then
    So welcome it.
  • old year is going to be pass
    But what should we do its rule of
    Don’t be sad on past memory
    Let’s welcome new year
    And make fun..
  • most tougher good byes are those
    Which could not be said or could be explained
  • may success joys and happiness become
    Both sides of coins for you this year
    You forget the previous one
    And stay happy with new
  • keep calm
    And its time to say
    Good bye 2016
    As well as
    Its time to say hi 2017

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