Happy New Year Sms In English 2017

New year is here and sms are making for friends, educated people believe on self-writing while other based on some ready-made sms, so here are some prepared messages for all

  • its last night of the year, and he’s going
    And he see with smiling face to my side
    I have tears of separation
    In my eyes, want to stop
    But no one can stop those who are going
    Just want to say
    Happy new year 2017
  • in this January
    I also decorated my dreams
    In my wet eyes
    But I’m afraid
    My dream would not melt
    With new year’s sun light
  • come on! Let’s up hand
    Who forget how to pray
    We are those who except love
    No god no pray in mind
  • each moment is becoming punishment
    Oh my god! What this happen
    Listen in which way you separate
    Last year is going as well
  • new year with resemblance of last year
    That hope with us
    Its basic hope is us
    With love, with peace, patience
    We can make this year example
    And ruin it
    Like last year
    This year also have new hope
  • when I see you there are two years going to join
    At one time in time of dawn and night is going to finished
  • may this year all sorrows go far from you
    May this new year suitable for everyone8. in going years
    I think to late times
    How last year past
    And what will the new will come
  • that who is coming
    And after coming it will go
    And going to forget
    All sorrows
    And new rest is coming
    Happy new year
  • on new morning of new year
    When your eyes opened
    On this new year first moment
    First happiness of new year
    Hugs you
    And say happy new year 2017

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