Hot Happy New Year Sms 2017

  • New is the year
    Previous was a dear
    Coming one have no fear
    Come on my dear
    Let’s celebrate happy new year
  • The flower have blossomed in adversity
    Which is most beautiful and rare to all
  • For everyone in the wonderland
    Might what have color
    Creed and ski n
    What might have religious beliefs
    I just want to send new year’s greetings
    And say happy New year
  • Simplicity is my self
    I just simple one
    And straightforward says
    I don’t like to do follow
    I want to follow by other
  • Many peoples are looking forward for a new year
    To new start new days But
    With old habits
  • May coming 365 days
    52 weeks and thousands days
    Bring success in your life always
    Happy New Year 2017
  • New Year mean time to meet after a long time.
    New Year mean time to celebrate everyone.
    New Year mean time to gathering at one place.
    Wish your very Happy New Year this wishes
    is specially only for you.

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