Lovely New Year Poetry 2016

  • My inner pain reach into its height,
    I speak but words lost,
    I travel but my way blast,
    My dreams are nests so my destiny is pain,
    I am the stranger and my friend is rain,
  • I am a nightmare, couldn’t allow for cry,
    My fate is death, and i must die,
    Yes I must die….
  • Darling i listen,
    For many a time,
    I have been half in love with peaceful death,
    Called him soft names in many a mused rhyme,
    To take into the air my quiet breath.
  • Which thing you find better in life
    Take it from it
    Because when life start taking from
    It even not leave life in you
    So with the prayers
    Of healthy lifestyle
    Happy new year 2016
  • When we was little life played with us
    But after becoming younger
    Life starting playing with us
    By changing in relation
    By changing in terms
    And by passing year

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