New Year Greetings For Daughter 2017

  • A daughter grown up
    And rock the world
    But the first moment
    After birth
    Your birth
    You are in my arm
    In my lap And
    Get trough in my heart
    My baby Happy New Year
  • Where relationship must be worshiped
    Respect given to elders
    And my daughter you are the who know all these
  • In shadow of dreams
    Love to those who hate
    Which break all relations
    Which makes cry
    And all my dreams broken
    But when I got you my daughter
    I feel best at my level
  • Whenever you ll becomes a mom
    You will know
    My all feeling for you
    When you far away And
    Special events come
  • On this new year
    May your all dreams come which you want to Be
    Be blessed by heaven of God
  • My dear daughter you are the one
    In whole universe
    To whom I love a lot
    And I want to you be near to me
    Every Time
    But its natural you can
    Daughters always got separated
    But you are in my prayers
    Happy greeting of new year 2017

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