New Year Greetings For Facebook 2017

  • You all are my social friends But
    You all have more importance in my life Because
    A true friend is more important then wealth
  • I have no word to wishing you all
    Simply I want to say
    You got that what you dream
  • Friends are like wealth
    Anyone can stolen
    But I want you all in my life
    Like my heart
  • When God was writing my Destiny
    I mentioned to make you all my friends
    He do so
    Am thanks full to Him for this graciousness
    Happy new year 2017
  • 10. New year is being here
    To tell all of us
    About new rules of iB
    By closing old accounts and open new one
  • New year is an important event
    To end up a new past
    And opened new future
    Which create sudden change
    Like dates and dates
  • I want to taking the sips of coffee with you,
    lying on bed with blanket around us and
    watching a movie with you at the last eve of
    the year. Because it`s a beautiful start of New Year.
    Wish you very Happy New Year.

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