New Year Greetings For Principal 2017

  • It is useless in future to cry on your past because
    than you can’t do anything. So work hard from today
    to enjoy tomorrow. This was the advice of my
    principle which changed my life thoroughly.
    Happy New Year.
  • When I was student
    I have class teachers
    After College have new one
    I didn’t want to go away
    Because it was strange
    Happy new year 2017
  • May you override all worries this year
    By overriding of instant success
    You are a blessing of God
    In shape of kind human being
    Adorable teacher u are
    Had adorable eve
  • You made me complete myself
    By Trusting on me and by giving me chances
    To prove my self
  • Its not necessary Family is that
    who Had blood relationship
    Its matters A Person who always there
    To be as Your teacher
  • teacher is the one who can understand
    Your inner abilities
    By seeing your eyes and tell us this too what’s in our mind
    Prayer for teacher this year
    May you have vibrant year
    Happy New Year 2017

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