New Year Greetings For Seniors 2017

  • You are my seniors that’s way I can`t
    give any advice to you because I feel
    insult in this matter I give any advice to
    you. So only I wish you very Happy
    New Year.
  • after many year
    I passed through that place
    Where we were together
    I make remember our fun
    Happy new year 2017
  • from where destiny take me here
    This is that place which we have passed together
    Happy new year
  • Less of workers, more of mates
    Less of seniors, more of friends
    May this year is like a good night Mare
    And helpful in every way
  • you will find in bad relationship the good one
    After me you will remember me
    Happy new year
  • true relation in good time’s proud
    Bad time’s shoulders
    Happy new year 2017

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