New Year Greetings For Special One 2017

  • Eyes talk madly and love talk like talkative person
    You Are Very Special For Me
    So am waiting for you on new year eve
    Happy new year 2017
  • after taking behind own bad habits
    Every one is claiming society here
    So be good and have good my dear
    Happy new year
  • oh new year’s sky
    When he saw you
    Make him remember something
    And sang new year’s songs
    And said to him
    Some one calls you
    Wait for you
    Request for
    And want to see you in new years night
  • my eyes are going Uncontrolled
    Always want to see you on special moments
    Happy new year
  • from my up to my down
    You you and only you
    Happy new year
  • New year when you came
    I just want to gain
    Those thing which
    I have lost in previous one
    Want each thing in my fist
    Which due to fear goes in twist
    May new year have no fear
    It brings our all dear
    Happy New Year 2017

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