New Year Greetings For Wife 2017

  • Mostly people says that!
    Whenever we look at beautiful thing,
    It leave effect on our self and make us beautiful.
    I want say look at this beautiful world and me and
    made you your year beautiful. Wish you very Happy New Year.
  • love is not so simple
    It’s a complicated process through mind to heart
    To heart to mind and
    me to you
    And you to me
    Happy New Year 2017
  • happy new year to you
    May you live long
    And live with me for ever and for each moment
    We rock the world together
  • I am the lucky one
    Who have wife like you
    Who cares for me when I got sick
    Stand for me when I suck
    And found my things which I forget
    Happy new year
  • no one in this world could understand feelings of us
    Which you have, which i
    Because we are both have a lot of for each other
    Happy New Year 2017
  • let me kiss u once again
    Let me eternal bliss you once again
    And start a new year with you
    Happy new year

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