New Year Sms For Daughter 2017

  • New Year is take time to dream,
    it hitches the soul to the stars.
    New Year to play,
    it is the secret of youth.
    Wishing you very Happy New Year my daughter
  • I till remember that little baby girl of mine
    Who dressed up! Running through the yard far from me
    To catch up by me
    I always will be love you
    Happy new year 2017
  • a daughter is a treasury of parents
    And blessing of god
    And you are for us
    Happy new year
  • the lights on new year night
    And filled up you life
    But someone wonderful as you
    May god make all your days like today
  • new year we hope best day for us
    It consider as greatest as well
    Smiles, laughter, happiness spread
    May your life filled up with it
  • on new year
    You are special for me
    I am going to wish you
    All your dreams come true
    May your all days filled with joys
    Wonderful gifts and goodies for you
    Happy New Year 2017

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