New Year Sms For Special Friend 2017

  • Sometimes on the way to your DREAM
    you get LOST and find a better one
    don’t leave me please
    happy new year 2017
  • I didn’t hide anything from you
    You failed to see in my self
  • life only come once
    It’s a lie
    Life always came to meet us
    Only death came to us once
  • you are the one
    Which you are in yourself
    When no on can see you
  • I respectably give you regard
    You revenge answers me
    Don’t angry with me
    On this eve my special one
    Happy New Year 2017
  • Some times I wish I could turn back time
    wish to stop it at times
    Alas! These are mere fallacies but yet we cant refrain from wishing….
    There are many wishes on which I ever going to die
    Good bye 2016 hello 2017

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