New Year Wishes 2016 for Aunt Uncle

  • Wishing you a very good health only because your
    children needs you a lot. No one really wants to be
    rude like you, uncle. I will never forget the promises
    you made last year with us. New year for you,
    but new commitments to us.
  • Finally, you will complete your studies at the age of
    40 this year. Wish you a happy life if life lefts uncle.
    Don’t mind.
  • I wish to go to murree again. A splendid and
    awesome tour that was. Winter snow on the first
    new year morning, that was amazing and well touching.
    Join us again khala this year.
  • I have made all the wishes in the morning, but it’s not
    necessary that it will become true at night. Wish them
    again on all the days of this year. Not all, but I am
    sure some of them will become the reality. Never lose hope mammu.
    Wishing you a glorious year 2016.

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