New Year Wishes 2017 For Some One Special

  • You are a special one in my life
    I will always cherish you
    Thank you for being a part of my life
    Happy New Year 2017
  • It’s been a joy spending time with you
    How did I get so lucky?
    But you have been a big support for me
    Stay the same, stay blessed
    Happy New Year my special friend!
  • I don’t know
    When and how
    You became the special one in life
    What so ever, I cant leave you behind
    Stay in my life, never leave me behind
    love you form the core of my heart
    Happy New Year, my lovely one
  • people like you are
    hard to find
    No matter how much time may pass by
    I hope you remember me all the time
    I want you to know, you never skipped my mind
    my heart will always be with you
    Happy New Year 2017, my special one
  • I don’t know
    That you know
    But I want you to know
    You are the reason of my life
    And you are the reason to my smile
    I cant think a life without you
    Don ever leave me, my special pooh
    Happy new year 2017!
  • Wish my whole global family a very
    Happy New Year with a wish to see
    you all always happy.

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