New Year Wishes in English 2017

  • No matter we are away from each other
    But we have Same affiliations with each other
    Memories of childhood new year’s
    Let remember those days and wish each other
    A new year ahead
  • new year is a way to share happiness
    And create smiles on each others face
    Happy new year 2017
  • new year is here with old prayers
    For you, for all, for the world
    Peace and peace every where
    No war, no fire, no fights
    May this new year bring peace
  • you write pain full weather is here
    Did this weather suit any body?
    No , no
    We need a weather of happiness
    Which will come with new year
    In our life
  • today is last night of December
    On the last night, after the celebrations
    I stand in my window
    Seeing the weather, seeing peaceful darkness
    Snow fall and hoping for new land marks
    New milestones
  • No astrological survey can tell us
    What will happen to us
    In coming new 365 days But
    We can pray for this.
    Because its a new test
    Which going to be start
    Happy new year

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