Romantic Happy New Year Sms 2017

  • Women are more sensitive then man
    She over think and cares a lot for you
    Which makes her feelings more anxious
    And strong
    Happy New Year 2017
  • I have free mind and thought to think of anything
    Off anywhere
    But I always got surprised
    That it directed towards you when ever i start thinking
  • I love you more then you love me
    Not for that who are you
    But for that who I am
    When I m with you
  • I always think if I will be away from you
    My breath will be stopped
    Just like that when people ask me the same
    I just replied can you live with out breaths
  • Its more joyous to live a life with you
    It makes more fun
    To celebrate a new year with you
    I know we have next 365 days together
    Once again
    Happy new year Jana
  • I love you.
    I will love you till
    India and Pakistan will be friends
    Kashmir will land of love
    No firing any where
    Terrorism will be end
    If these happened
    I ll love you till my death
    Happy new year 2017

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