Stylish Happy New Year Sms 2017

  • May new year bring more warm love
    Light of guidance of toured life throughout the way
    Happy New Year 2017
  • May your dreams blossoms make you happy in anyways
    I m cordially wish you
    Happy new year and marry Christmas
  • Cheer a new year with
    To get new year for a chance
    To get it right
  • I wish you more prosperity success love happiness blessing prayers of
    12 months
    52 weeks
    365 days
    8767 hours
  • May this new year brings good time
    Possibilities are endless ahead
  • A new year is new start
    Way to go on
    Wish you glorious year with most intensity of luck
  • My Dear!
    Like chocolate cake looks superb with vine.
    Slimily Day does not looks perfect with night.
    I can`t celebrate New Year without you.
    So here I wish you very Happy New Year.

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